Boyce Baptist Church
Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Children's Ministries

Provided Below Are Some Resources From Kidology.Com
It is a website dedicated to Children's Ministry 
During These Difficult Times, We Sometimes Forget That Our Children Feel More Of Our Stresses That We Realize...And Yet They are The Least Equipped To Understand What Is Going On In The World.
Please Use These  Resources To Encourage Your Little Ones While They are Separated From Their Friends...and In Many Cases, Family.
The Link Below Provides a Neat Video For Children That Addresses the Concept of Fear.
Just Click on the Link to Watch the Second Installment in The Series:
"To Eternity and Beyond!"
A Parent's Discussion Guide is Provided Below!
(Just Copy and Paste The Link Below To Open the .pdf document
that you can print)
A "Parent's Covid-19 Survival Guide" is Provided Below!