Boyce Baptist Church
Sunday, January 26, 2020

***A Word From The Pastor...

Greetings in Jesus Name!
“In Times Like These”
It seems there has never been a time when our peace and security can be threatened from so many directions. Will there be another “9-11”?, Will there be an economic calamity? Will there be another natural disaster? Will there be some         failure of our infrastructure that will cause some temporary breakdown of law and order? 
For the child of God, peace and security are not dependent upon any of these outside influences. It’s because we see the world through the “eyes of a child” as we depend upon and trust our Heavenly Father to take care of us. Our peace and   security is anchored in the all-caring, all-knowing, all-powerful only true God.
If you don’t have this “...peace that passeth all understanding…”, PLEASE get in touch with me through the various available contact options listed on this website.
God Bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Pastor Ben