Boyce Baptist Church
Thursday, April 19, 2018
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***A Word From The Pastor...

This Sunday's message will challenge us to "Restore The Glory" that Christians should be experiencing in our everyday encounter with a lost and dying world.
The very demonic forces of hell are running rampant seemingly unchecked through our entire culture.  Rampaging through our most securely held and millennia accepted norms, these forces seek to obliterate even the most fundamental structures of human behavior, sexuality and family values.  Not enough that the godless have already sacrificed nearly 50 million unborn on the altar of abortion rights, they are now physically mutilating and psychologically eviscerating our children's recognition of whether they are a boy or a girl.  Even the once staid institution of the Boy Scouts of America is now going to permit little boys and girls to sleep together in the same tents as long as they all "identify" as boys!
What is at the root of this appetite for the destruction of these once solid anchors of social standards?  It is the Satanic ambition to destroy all that God has established.  God said in His Word, "Male and female created He them..." God has determined every individual's gender since...and He continues to do so.  To confuse our children and condemn them to a life of mutation misery because we seek to replace God's model with our own is the height of humanistic genocide. What we once thought savage to hear of ancient cultures throwing their newborn and children to the crocodiles of the Nile now pales in comparison to condemning our progeny to the beasts of humanistic madness.  
While there will always be those among us with various forms of mental illness, it is the effort of godless atheism to use these occasionally occurring gender-confused individuals to promote their own sinful agenda. The cruelty they impose on these struggling individuals by attempting to promote them as "normal" rather than help them through their confusion is the height of psychological malpractice and human cruelty.
We need to pray for our nation, and especially for our young people who are being raised not in the "fear and admonition of the Lord", but in a society devoid of the security of even the most basic moorings of human behavior to which to anchor their worldview. 
In the words of Dr. David Jeremiah, "I never thought I'd see the day!"
God bless,
Pastor Ben
God Bless,
Pastor Ben