Boyce Baptist Church
Monday, July 26, 2021

A Word From The Pastor...

Praying that you have had a blessed week and that God is supplying all your needs.
We are certainly in a surreal time of this pandemic.  Are we nearly through it? Will there be a fourth "wave"? What do the variants of the virus mean to our vaccine protections? When will "normal" return?
All of these questions and many more plague us and if we allow them to, will distract us from keeping our eyes on Jesus, and just as Peter did, we are in danger of sinking beneath the waves as we look upon the waves and not the Savior.
I recently lost one of my dearest friends to Covid-19. Rev. Dr. Ed Taylor was certainly as near and dear to my heart as Jonathan's was to David's. As in the biblical narrative, our "...souls were knit together". Pastor Ed was not only my friend, but my pastor, my resource and co-laborer in the ministry. While it should go without saying, my dear wife of more than 40 years fills all of those roles as well, there was that objective pastoral understanding of the ministry challenges that only another pastor could fully relate to. Ed provided countless words of wisdom and advise as well as just being a "sounding board".
Pastor Ed had recently been called to a new pastorate in Arcadia, Florida to Calvary Baptist Church there. He had scarcely been their pastor for five months when he tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.  Ed would spend the next six weeks in intensive care, only to be called home on Saturday, April 3rd, the day before Easter Sunday. 
With the passing of some of my dearest friends over the course of the past year, as I have expressed from the pulpit, I have felt the pain of losing someone dear. I must confess, it has been a never before experienced challenge to present that witness of the external joy of “knowing where they are”, while my heart is shattered on the inside.

With the sudden and crushing passing of my dearest friend, Rev. Dr. Ed Taylor— “Ed”, however, I have experienced a journey through previously uncharted waters and waves of grief. Whatever God’s reasons, I know three things that have helped me through this loss,  

1) God is too kind to be cruel and too wise to make a mistake.
2) Everything God does is good.
3) Ed committed his life to being a man of God and serving his Jesus with all that was within him. It is certain that the main reason Ed is no longer with us is that in whatever mission Ed was sent to Florida to accomplish, he had done so, and his testimony and life’s work was complete and God summoned him home to his eternal reward. This applies to us all. "Our days are in His hands". 
I know that those of you who have already made the journey through the “valley of the shadow of death” in your own losses, understand the difficult road I am now called to travel. I pray that the things I have shared will be of some comfort to you.
God bless you,
Pastor Ben